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    Puppies have poor resistance and immunity, and are very sensitive to environment and temperature. If you don’t take good care of your pup, it is easy to get sick. If you take a bath rashly, it may cause diarrhea. If you catch a cold, it may cause canine distemper or canine parvovirus and other acute infectious diseases, which may endanger your life. So what are the precautions for puppies bathing? When can puppies take a bath?

    In order to prevent dogs from catching cold, keep warm. You can prepare towels, hair dryer in advance, and comb the coat before taking a bath to prevent it from getting tangled and easy to clean. The bath gel for hair washing must be special for dogs. It must not be used by people. It will cause dog skin itching. Bath time for puppies: when can puppies take a bath? Normally, the first bath should be 1-2 weeks after vaccination. At this time, the puppies have been vaccinated, the body gradually produces antibodies, the adaptability to the environment increases, and the body becomes stronger. You can bathe your dog.

    Frequency of pup bathing: regular bathing can clean the dog’s body surface, prevent bacteria and parasites from growing on the fur, reduce body odor, improve the dog’s blood circulation and enhance the dog’s physical quality. But the number of times to bathe the dog must be determined by the season. In summer, it can be washed twice a week. In spring and autumn, it can be washed once a half month. In winter, it can not be washed too frequently. Generally, it can be washed once a month, and the long haired dog can be washed more. Don’t take too long to bathe. Dry it in time after washing or with a blower. The water temperature should be controlled at about 35-40 degC

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