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    Cocker spaniel is a long haired dog. Its hair is long, flowing, curly and elastic. This kind of Cocker Spaniel looks very beautiful and fashionable. In the process of growing up, cocker spaniel, like many other pet dogs, has to change their hair every year. So, for Cocker dogs, how old do they start to change?

    The Cocker Spaniel will begin to change hair at about 3-4 months old, which will last for a long time. Maybe when the dog is 7-8 months old, it is still sparse and sparse. Of course, this is the normal physiological hair change of cocker spaniel. Parents don’t need to worry too much. They just need to give dogs better care and food management during the whole hair changing process to ensure the new hair is healthy and shiny. In addition, every spring and autumn, Cocker Spaniel may have hair change. Of course, this also belongs to the normal physiological hair change of dogs. Because of the seasonal climate change, dogs should change their hair if they want to better adapt to the environment. In spring, remove the heavy winter hair from your body and grow the sparse summer hair.

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