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    For dog owners, puppy food must not be strange, but many novice owners often don’t know when to feed puppy food is better. For newborn puppies, breast milk is the best choice, so when to wean puppies for puppies food?
    Because there are a lot of essential nutrients in the breast milk of puppies, it is the ideal first choice food. Although puppies are usually weaned at 6-8 weeks, most begin to be interested in solid food at 3-4 weeks – they usually jump up and down their mother’s bowl and lick the food that sticks to their paws! This is the best time to start providing formula dog food to puppies. If you choose dry dog food, it should be soaked and mashed.
    For timid puppies, you should put some food on their lips to encourage them to try. Do not try to wean prematurely. Switching to solid food prematurely may damage the puppy’s delicate stomach. For dry dog food, the amount of water soaked in it should be reduced gradually in the period of 8-10 weeks.

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