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    Alaska is different from cats, which don’t go out often. There are many opportunities for Alaska people to contact with the outside world, and they also like to play in the grass and other places, which increases the risk of infection with parasites. When is it better for Alaska to start deworming?

    The coat of Alaska is generally long, so even if there are parasites parasitizing on Alaska, because they are covered with hair, we will not find any abnormality in Alaska. Once you find it, the insects in Alaska have basically overflowed, and you can see less than one percent with the naked eye. Think about it again It’s very important to expel the eggs in vitro on a regular basis.

    Generally speaking, puppies over 2 months can start the first external deworming, but deworming needs to be carried out once a month, especially in the hot summer and autumn season, the growth of insects is relatively rapid, so once a month is inevitable. What do you need to pay attention to?

    1. Determine the dosage according to the weight of the dog;

    2. Separate the hair on the neck of the dog, expose the skin, and drop the drops in two points or along a straight line;

    3. Wait for the fur of the dog to dry naturally, do not use a hair dryer or towel to dry, which will affect the effect. PS. the external medicine has certain stimulation to the dog, so it must be dripped on the neck to prevent the dog from licking, and the external insect repellent can take a bath one week later, so as not to affect the efficacy.

    For parents, insect repellent can only be completed by taking a little time out of tea every month.

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