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    Every dog owner needs to take their dogs a bath regularly. It can not only remove the smell and dirt, but also clean the hair. But bathing must be regular, the frequency can not be too frequent, and it is not suitable to help them bathe at any time. In some specific cases, you can first slow down the bath, then it is not suitable to help dogs bathe.

    1. It is not suitable for a pet dog to take a bath. At this time, the dog is weak in body and resistance, and it is easy to get sick again if not bathed properly. If you have to clean your dog, rub it with some dry cleaning powder and then wipe it with a towel.

    2. Dogs that have just had enough should not take a bath, because Bathing will cause skin blood vessels to expand, and only a small amount of blood will flow to the stomach, which will cause indigestion and blood sugar reduction of dogs, and prone to fainting.

    3. The dog who has just been vaccinated cannot take a bath immediately. Such a pet dog must pass the vaccine observation period safely, usually about 7-10 days, and can only take a bath after the dog is normal.

    4. It’s not suitable for a dog that has just undergone strenuous exercise to take a bath immediately. In hot summer, the dog just participated in strenuous exercise. At this time, don’t take a bath immediately. Wait for the dog to calm down, and take a bath after the limbs and muscles return to normal. All of the above conditions are not suitable for bathing dogs.

    In moist weather, it is also not suitable for bathing when the air is humid. Because the air humidity is relatively high, it is easy to return to the tide, which is very easy to cause skin diseases for long haired dogs. Therefore, it’s not always possible to help the dog take a bath. Find the right time to avoid some problems.

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