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    The hair of Labrador Labrador is short but thick. The hair is double-layer. The bottom coat is soft and the outer coat is thick and hard. In the process of growth, Labrador also has hair change. In a few months, it will lose its milk hair and grow high-quality hair again. In order to adapt to the climate change, Labrador will also have hair change in spring and autumn.

    It’s true that Labrador dogs shed their hair, but because it’s a short haired dog, it’s not as serious as other long haired dogs. Labrador will have hair change when it is a few months old, and it is not a short-term process. It can change hair and shed hair continuously when it is 3-7 months old. In addition, you can rest assured that there is hair loss in Labrador every spring and autumn.

    Of course, it belongs to normal depilation, because Labrador needs to better adapt to climate change, so she can only change her body’s adaptability by changing her hair to better adapt to the current living environment and climate change.

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