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    We all know that a lot of food can’t be eaten by dogs, and some food can be eaten by dogs, but they also try to eat as little as possible, because these food may not be easy for dogs to digest. Following will help you sort out the food that is not easy to digest for your dog. Novice owners can learn about it together.

    First of all, squid, octopus, jellyfish, konjaku, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and other foods can not be given to dogs at will, because these foods may not only lead to indigestion, but also lead to vomiting, so this kind of food must not be given to dogs blindly. Secondly, the bones of chickens, ducks, fish and other birds should not be given to dogs. This small and sharp bone is not convenient for dogs to chew, but it is easy to get stuck in the throat and stab the stomach. So in the process of feeding pet dogs, do not give them chicken, duck, fish and other small hard bones.
    In addition to some of the above food will make the dog difficult to digest.Almonds, peaches, wild mold, balsam pear, plums, plums, mushrooms are also conducive to the digestion of dogs. So this kind of food should not be given to dogs.

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