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    In hot summer, dogs who are afraid of the heat and cool like to lie on the floor, grass and other cool places. Is summer just to shave the dog can cool a summer? So are all dogs suitable for shaving?

    Several situations that need to be shaved:
    1. Dogs with confirmed skin diseases: shaving and then treating, the effect is better.

    2. Dogs with serious hair loss and frequent licking: after shaving, the condition of spitting balls can be reduced.

    3. It’s really a dog who is afraid of heat, or a dog whose hair is too long to be knotted.

    Some situations that are not suitable for shaving:
    1. Cities in the north where the temperature is not high in summer: because shaving is helpless. If you don’t feel hot, don’t shave your dog for fun.

    2. The house is not covered with floor or carpet, but with floor tiles or marble: if the dog is shaved in this case, it is easy to catch cold.

    3. Dogs with sensitive personality and high self-esteem: especially male dogs without KC, their hair is a sign of male. Once shaved, it will hurt the dog’s self-esteem.

    4. There are more than two dogs at home, and there are fights between them: hair is also a kind of protection for the dog’s skin. If the dog’s relationship is not particularly harmonious and there are fights, try to avoid shaving the dog to avoid injury.

    5. Dogs have the habit of going out: some domestic dogs also have the habit of going out. If this is the case, it is not suitable for shaving to avoid injury outside.

    Suggestions: Do not shave the dog casually when it is not necessary. Regular shaving is not good for the dog’s skin.

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