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    There are many kinds of pet nutrition products on the market of ancient sheepdog, and online shopping has become a trend. Then the dog is often eat health products will be good. Or it depends on the situation? Which dogs need nutrition?

    1. It is necessary to supplement certain nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, etc., for dogs who are picky for a long time and do not eat dog food well, or eat people’s meals with a single diet structure.

    2. For dogs with poor health, weak body and old age, it is easy to cause malnutrition due to a small amount of food.

    3. Because diseases need to be supplemented with certain vitamins or minerals, such as skin diseases, vitamin B can be taken as an auxiliary treatment.

    4. Obviously the body lacks certain vitamins or minerals, such as convulsions caused by calcium deficiency and the dog with pica.

    What are the dog’s nutrition and supplements?
    1. Vitamin supplements: such as multi vitamin compound powder or tablets.

    2. Nutritive: the main function is to supplement protein and various nutrients, such as nutritive cream.

    3. Calcium supplement: calcium powder, calcium tablet, etc.

    4. Hairy: there are many kinds of hairy nutrition for the beauty and nutrition of the dog’s fur.

    5. Color supplement: for example, seaweed powder and other things to supplement the dog with color.

    Of course, if your dog is not picky about food and eats high-quality dog food, then you don’t need extra nutrition for the dog.

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