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    Someone dog owner has been asking whether it is better to give dogs dry food or wet food. Following has collected some information to help you confused dog friends!

    1. Why do dogs with normal health recommend dry dog food? Because the dog dry food contains less water and hard particles, the dog can rub the tooth surface when eating, reduce the formation of tooth tartar, less tartar, the dog’s gums will be relatively healthier, the gums will be healthy, the teeth will be healthy, the teeth will be healthy, the healthy dog can eat very well. And dogs eat dog dry food, relatively dry poop, easy to clean, Poop is not easy to touch the hair around the dog’s anus, which saves us a lot of trouble. If you can keep eating dog dry food, you can also reduce the dog’s bad habit of picking food. But most parents can’t do it. At least I always think that if the dog only eats those dry things all his life, the dog is too poor.

    Under what circumstances is it better for dogs to eat wet food? Dog’s wet food usually smells delicious and can cause the dog’s appetite, so for the sick dog to eat more, we can give him wet food. Moreover, the dog wet food is also good for digestion, which is also suitable for sick dogs. But it should be noted that wet dog food with too much oil is not suitable for sick dogs, because too much oil can easily lead to dog thinning. For sick dogs, it is even worse. You can choose chicken or fish, which are low-fat cans or delicious bags. In addition, for dogs who don’t like drinking water, you can also increase the amount of wet food for their dogs to get more water from the food. Dogs with bad teeth can’t chew dry dog food. You can think of making the dry dog food soft and adding a small amount of canned dogs to increase the flavor. Try not to give it wet dog food completely.

    Disadvantages of dog’s wet food.
    It is easy for dogs to be picky about food: Usually dogs will lose interest in dry food which has no taste after eating wet food. They will not eat dog’s dry food as greedily as before. Over time, more and more choose, so now many parents have to mix the dry food with all kinds of delicious food to attract dogs to eat some dry food.

    The quality of raw materials for wet food may be poor: As we all know, jam is made of the worst fruit in the same kind of fruit. If you beat them into jam, you won’t know their original quality at all. The same is true for dog wet food. We can’t guarantee the quality of the things in it. Moreover, more preservatives are added to dog wet food than to dog dry food. All these factors make the quality of dog wet food impossible to guarantee. You may buy a big brand of wet dog food, but the price is not too high.

    Problems caused by over nutrition: Dogs are easy to get fat, especially some kinds of dogs can grow into little fat easily. There are more protein and fat in dog’s wet food than in dog’s dry food. For some dogs with kidney disease and old dogs, more nutrients can easily cause some diseases. So these dogs should eat dog dry food, and also eat dog dry food with relatively low protein and fat content.

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