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    Choose appropriate hardness according to dogs’ age and body type: For puppies or older dogs with weaker jaw strength, do not choose strong resilient toys for them, as this will cause more pressure to your dog. For strong big breed dogs, do not choose too small toys as they will be more likely to be swallowed
    Choose safe materials: With appropriate hardness, choose toys which do not contain preservatives and are harmless and safe even if swallowed
    Choose toys with different flavors: there are many dogs who like to chew toys that can stimulate the sense of smell. There are lots of flavors such as bacon flavor, deep-fried sauce flavor, fruit flavor, etc,. Nevertheless, Pay more attention to the materials and ingredients of the toys to assure safety.
    Recommended materials for dog biting toys: bark; cloth&cotton rope; natural rubber; non-toxic nylon; natural materials, etc.

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