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    We usually feed dogs mainly dog food, but we can also add some seasoning to the food when appropriate. Meat is a favorite food for dogs, but meat also has high or low nutritional value. So which kind of meat is better for dogs? Following will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of meat.

    For dogs, please master this principle:
    Eating livestock meat is better than eating poultry, eating poultry meat is better than eating fish. Livestock meat: pigs, cattle, sheep and rabbits are all among the livestock meat. The protein content of pork in livestock meat is the least, but the proportion of fat is the highest. Even the lean pork in the vegetable market, its fat content is more than 30%. So if you don’t want to make your dog fat, please eat less pork. The nutritional value of beef and mutton is significantly higher than that of pork, while the content of fat and cholesterol is far lower than that of pork.

    Moreover, beef and mutton contain more essential amino acids for dogs, which is very helpful for dogs with hypertension and coronary heart disease. Even if they eat more, they will not get fat. Fish and chicken: no matter what kind of meat, it’s far less nutritious than fish. It’s delicious and delicate. Compared with animal meat and poultry meat, fish is more conducive to dogs’ digestion and absorption. Unsaturated fatty acids contained in fish are beneficial to activate dogs’ brain neurons and improve dogs’ judgment of master’s instructions. In fact, chicken is also nutritious, with low fat content and high protein content, but do not give dogs chicken heads, chicken feet and chicken bones! We can properly feed some meat for dogs, but we must remember that we must not take meat as the main food of dogs, which will lead to dog malnutrition due to a single diet.

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