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    Do you find that some dogs love water naturally? If the owner does not do a good job of traction, it is easy for the dog to jump into the water. But there are also many kinds of dogs that are naturally afraid of water. Although dogs are naturally “dog climbing”, dogs that are afraid of water also need guidance and training from their owners to love swimming. Following will take stock of some dogs that love swimming.

    1. Golden Retriever and Labrador. Both Golden Retriever and Labrador are strong, hard-working and gentle. They are reliable working dogs. They can be used to catch water birds and are good at swimming. They are loved by hunters. Now they are also used as guide dogs or large domestic dogs. No matter what kind of environment, they can adapt well.

    2. Poodle is a hydrophilic dog. We should know that the first poodle was trained to hunt ducks. So when they see the water, they usually jump in excitedly. They are hounds that are born to be good at swimming. In order to reduce resistance, Poodles usually lose part of their hair when they swim in the water.

    3. Samoye. The natural and cheerful Samoye water is also very good. As long as they swim once or twice, they will become addicted, and they have the bottom hair that can adapt to the bad climate. No matter in the water or in the cold place, they can protect their body, so that they are not afraid of swimming, and can adapt to various environments.

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