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    Try to keep the dog away from the liquid with pungent smell. Maybe many owners think that it’s safest for the dog to stay at home and not run around. It’s true that keeping the dog at home can avoid many accidents, but we should know that even at home is not necessarily safe for the dog. Not only that, to some extent, there may be more things that can cause harm to dogs in the home, not to mention the electrified appliances, and the dirt in the garbage can. Even detergents, lotions and other liquids have a certain impact on the health of dogs. It is believed that most dogs have the habit of eating at random, so sometimes it is a dangerous thing to let dogs stay at home alone, because we don’t know whether they will swallow such liquids as laundry detergent and detergent. Once the dogs swallow too much, it may lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Liquids like laundry detergent have a lighter impact on dogs.
    If dogs swallow liquids like disinfectant, it may have a more serious impact on their health. Because the disinfectant has some toxicity, if you eat too much, it will cause poisoning, and the disinfectant has a certain corrosiveness, which may cause some damage to the dog’s organs.
    If the dog owner is not at home, it’s safer to keep the dog in captivity. Before that, it’s said that dogs are prone to ingestion of liquid by mistake. There are also some liquids that have a strong smell, although they are not likely to be swallowed. For example, perfume, toilet water, mosquito repellent and so on all have a strong pungent odor, plus dogs smell more sensitive than us, so when these odors are amplified, they will stimulate the dog’s respiratory tract, resulting in sneezing. In addition, long-term smell of this kind of smell will also have a certain impact on the dog’s nerves, so that the dog will have nausea and dizziness, but in the end, it is the dog’s smell that has the greatest impact. If the dog’s sense of smell is impaired, the impact on the dog is enormous. Therefore, try not to let dogs touch the liquid with perfume, such as perfume. It can be seen that the home is not safe for dogs.

    Usually, if the owner is not at home and needs to leave the dogs at home alone, it is recommended to keep them in a cage. Some toys can be put in the cage for them to play, which can not only solve the problem of pooping everywhere, but also ensure the safety of dogs.

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