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    Disease and food are the main reasons for the increase of dog’s excrement. The most worrying is the dog plague, especially for puppies. If the dog has runny nose, cough, laxity, eye droppings and other phenomena, it is necessary to send the dog to the hospital in time for a test. However, canine distemper is not the only cause of the increase of dog’s excrement. Inflammation itself, or food problems also lead to the increase of dog’s excrement. Therefore, if it is found that dog’s excrement suddenly increases, it is better to pay more attention to the dog’s recent state. If other adverse problems are found, it is necessary to send it to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. Sometimes when the dog tears, there will also be secretions.

    Usually, the dog’s eye droppings are light colored. When they are dry, they turn brown. Sometimes, they form a hard ball in the inner corner of the eye, which is easy to clean. Sometimes dogs produce a lot of brown eye droppings, which is probably due to inflammation of the dog’s eyes. If there is something wrong with the dog’s eyes, there will be a lot of dog’s excrement and the color will be very deep and turbid, not only focusing on the corner of the eyes, but also around the eyes. There are many reasons for the dog’s eye problems, which may be due to diet, such as eating more internal organs, resulting in an increase in the amount of dog’s inflamed eye excrement, may also be due to irritation caused by eye inflammation, of course, may also be due to more serious diseases, these health problems will be reflected in the eye excrement, so the dog’s eye excrement is also a problem that can not be ignored.

    If the dog suddenly has an increase in eye droppings, the owner should pay more attention to see if the dog’s eyes are in tears, see if the eyes are particularly red, and think about the cause. If it is caused by ordinary inflammation, then a little chloramphenicol eye drops can be used to reduce inflammation of the eyes, which can have better treatment effect. Usually in one day, the dog will soon get better with a lot of droppings, tears and red eyes. If there is no sign of improvement after one or two days, don’t always think about solving the problem for the dog. It is the first job to take the dog to a doctor as soon as possible.

    It is very important to clean the long and light colored dog’s eye excrement regularly around the eyes: of course, there are also cases where there are more dog excrement, which has always been the case, and there is nothing abnormal, so it is more important to clean the dog’s excrement in time, especially for the light colored long haired dog. Long haired dogs are easy to get hair into their eyes because they have a lot of hair. Although, you will find that the sensitivity of the dog’s eyes is much worse than that of people’s. sometimes when you see that there is root hair in the dog’s eyes, it will not have any uncomfortable performance.

    But the hair will definitely stimulate the eyes when it comes into the eyes, so long haired dogs are easy to produce brown eye droppings, or more eye droppings. For this kind of dog, cleaning the eye excrement is more important than short hair and dark dog. Because it is not cleaned in time, the poop will dye the hair under the dog’s eyes like a dye. It will take a long time to clean up. The most serious situation is the increase of eye droppings caused by canine distemper. Generally, the symptoms of canine distemper are not only the increase of eye droppings, but also the related adverse symptoms, so we must check as soon as possible, and treat the problem in time.

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