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    Everyone has their own preferences. Some people like active dogs, while others like quiet and considerate dogs. Although these dogs won’t be like those cheerful dogs who pester you to play all day long, many quiet dogs can usually be a good talker, tell them their unhappiness, and they will become a good audience. Some children like to hide things in their hearts, and these dogs may be able to share their secrets with them.

    1. St. Bernard: St. Bernard is a super large dog, but its personality is very gentle, easy to get close to, and very tolerant to children. Although the saint bernard dog is gentle and obedient, it is always huge, so it is not suitable to have small children in the family, so as to prevent the dog from overwhelming children and other dangerous accidents. You can wait until the children go to primary school to bring the puppies home, so that the children and dogs grow up together.

    2. Bernese Mountain Dog: The characteristics of Bernese mountain dog are very gentle to children and other animals, making it become a master in the care of children and other animals. They are very sensitive to human nature, so they are also a perfect family dog. Bourne mountain dog is firm and harmonious. His temperament is confident, alert but kind. He is a little shy and polite in daily life. Facing strangers, Bourne mountain dog will stand in the same place and keep cold. But the Bourne mountain dog is not aggressive, very friendly to children, and shows a welcome gesture. Bourne mountain dog likes walking. Even if there is no place for him to run fast and freely, he will not be depressed. So it is very suitable for children who are slow in running and whose physical functions are not fully developed.

    3. Golden retriever: Golden Retriever can be said to be a pronoun of gentleness. They are very inclusive and easy-going. Even if they are bullied by their children, they are still very friendly. Smart golden hair is very easy to train, and they will also be a very good target. As long as you touch their heads, they may show good feelings for you, and they will show quite serious when you communicate with them.

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