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    When it comes to Border Collies, the first thing that parents think about is the intelligence of Border Collies, which is easy to train. They are the first intelligent people in the dog category in the intelligence ranking, and they are worthy of the title. For short haired dogs like this, because their skin is almost always exposed to the air, some insects or other pathogens are more likely to come to the border collie, so they are also very easy to get skin diseases. What skin diseases are there basically? Which skin diseases do Border Collies get easily?

    1. Fleas and lice: They are active on the body surface, inside the thigh, under the armpit, under the neck, and deep in the fur. Moreover, human eyes can see that because human body temperature and body hair are different from that of dogs, they can’t survive in human body and can be grasped boldly, but they should also be prevented from being bitten by fleas. The eggs of fleas and dog lice are white, so if you see a circle of black dots on the border collie, it’s their feces.

    2. Mite: Generally, there are small red spots on the skin under the skin, on the dog’s abdomen, on the inner side of the thigh root or on the body, and the skin around the lips is red and depilated. Dog has ear mite, ear has coffee colored secretion, sometimes because of itching, the dog will scratch the auricle.

    3. Fungi: If the dog is infected, the local skin will be depilated and broken, and the skin will turn red one by one.

    4. Eczema, herpes and other suppurative dermatitis: Generally, this skin disease occurs in the abdomen and the medial thigh skin with blisters and pustules.

    5. Allergic skin diseases: This type of skin diseases usually come suddenly, with large area and red skin.

    Parents know the above skin diseases. When the skin of Border Collies at home has problems, they will know what kind of problems are caused. However, if they encounter these problems, they still need to send the dogs to the pet hospital for treatment.

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