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    Dogs can telepathize with people. Many dog owners say that dogs have the ability to sense human emotions. When you are not happy, they will come and tickle you. When you are afraid, they will protect you. Even when you are sick, they can detect your pain and accompany you all the time. So why do dogs have this ability? At present, there are two explanations on this issue.

    Statement 1: Hormone action. Under different emotional states, the body will secrete a variety of hormones in different proportions. We all know that the dog’s vision is not developed, but God is fair, he gives the dog a very sensitive sense of smell. Dogs judge your mental state by smelling the proportion of various hormones your body secretes.

    Statement 2: Behavior action. Of course not all people agree with the above view. Their reason is that, even if dogs have this ability, it will take a certain time for humans to make a comprehensive judgment from secreting hormones to smelling out hormone levels by dogs. In reality, dogs don’t seem to have this process. The reason why they can quickly perceive human psychological changes is that they are good at interpreting human body behavior. For example, when you are afraid, your muscles will tense, when you are angry, your hands will lift and make a big noise. They have understood what your various body movements represent in the process of getting along with you, so they will be in the first place Give different reactions at one time. But no matter which one is more reasonable, at least one thing is certain, that is, dogs can telepathize with people, and we should treat them well.

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