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    We’ve heard of dogs, whether they’ve got dogs or not, that they can’t have chocolate. But why is that? Some people who don’t know will say: what’s wrong with dogs eating chocolate? What’s the big deal. Why can’t give dog chocolate?

    It’s a delicious snack for humans, but it’s a deadly poison for dogs. We can easily digest chocolate, but dogs can’t, and the higher the purity of chocolate, the greater the killing power of dogs. A British study has found that dogs are 40% more likely to be taken to hospital for eating chocolate at Christmas than at any other time of the year because they give each other candy and chocolate.

    Chocolate contains methylxanthine, caffeine and theobromine. Theobromine can act on the central nervous system and heart muscle of dogs, thus poisoning dogs. Humans can metabolize theobromine, but dogs’ digestive system doesn’t. Methylxanthine can stimulate the dog’s central nervous system, make its heart rate suddenly rise, thus causing a variety of toxic symptoms. That’s why you can’t give your dog chocolate. In fact, dogs can also digest a small amount of chocolate. How much chocolate is enough to be dangerous to dogs? According to the research, the content of theobromine in different chocolate is different. White chocolate is the least, while black chocolate is the most. Another point is that the more bitter chocolate, the higher the content of cocoa alkali.

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