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    Bad breath not only affects the relationship between pet dogs and their owners, but also affects their health. Why do dogs have bad breath? How can we prevent them?

    There are many causes of dog halitosis in life, for example, oral diseases (periodontitis, gingivitis), gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory diseases and other system diseases can also cause halitosis. In order to prevent bad breath, we should start from many aspects. For example, you should always brush your dog’s teeth when you are young. According to the research, there are two kinds of halitosis caused by tooth problems. One is the accumulation of tartar due to the failure of deciduous teeth to fall off, and the other is the halitosis caused by tooth germ class.
    The other is the halitosis caused by the growth of permanent teeth, but the parents did not clean the dog’s teeth regularly. To avoid this, it’s the best way to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. In addition to brushing your dog’s teeth, there are other ways in life to help your dog clean his teeth. For example, you can clean your dog’s teeth. Biting it will help the dog to change teeth. In addition, it can effectively clean the calculus on the teeth during biting, so as to clean the dog’s mouth. Of course, if you are sure that the dog’s bad breath is caused only by oral health problems, brushing your teeth to keep oral health is the best way. If it is determined that the halitosis is caused by gastrointestinal, oral diseases or other system diseases, the first thing we should do is to treat the dog, then we should clean the oral health, eliminate the halitosis, and then take good care to prevent the dog’s halitosis.

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