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    Dogs may just play with their children. Dogs usually like to chase fast-moving objects, so they will be interested in some ball games. In real life, we often see that dogs always like to run after children, and the faster the children run, the more fierce they will chase. This is not only because they think that children are playing games with them, but also because they are interested in moving objects.

    A dog’s judgment of an opponent’s strength is usually based on whether they are much higher than their own sight. So when strangers approach, the pressure from above will make them uneasy, so they usually bark at you. If we use a low posture, the pressure may be reduced a lot. At this time, we can approach them slowly and smoothly. If it is lower than the height of its eyes, it will make it more secure. Dogs also have vanity, like people praise it. When it does a good thing, or does some small skill activities, you clap your hands to praise it, touch it, it will be as satisfied as a delicious meal. Because children are generally taller than some small dogs, some small dogs may not be so good for children. So when children get close to them, they subconsciously roar at them.

    Some children may be timid. When they see the dog roaring at them, they will run out of fear. But the dog is very sensitive to fast moving objects, so they will run after the child. In addition, if dogs want to play with children, they will run after them. In fact, some dogs like children very much, so they are happy to play with children who often get along with them. Therefore, chasing and fighting is a way of entertainment. In their serious escape of children, it is also a way of playing with them. They will go forward and chase children without any scruple.

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