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    You will hear some old people say that dogs are very happy when it rains or snows. Why do dogs like snow? Is it because dogs have a special feeling for snow, or for other reasons?

    Many people speculate that the main reason why most dogs get excited after the snow is that the snow hides the smell of other dogs. Dogs find that without the smell of other dogs, they will work hard to divide their new areas. In fact, we are very happy to see dogs rolling and running in the snow. In fact, they are busy delimiting their new territory. Think about it carefully. There is a certain truth to this statement, but not all dogs have such a strong sense of territory.

    It could be the next reason. There are many kinds of dogs, and many dogs mainly live in the ice and snow since ancient times. They may deal with snow most of the year. For example, Samoyed, Alaskan sled dogs and so on have a kind of intimacy and familiarity with snow, so each time it snows, these dogs may return to their ancient homes, so they like it very much, enjoy it very much, and are comfortable.

    Maybe we can’t give a correct answer, but we can be sure that snow brings joy to dogs, so we can take them to enjoy the breath and joy brought by the snow.

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