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    Whether at home or outside, we often see dogs circling around their tails. Some dogs like to amuse themselves, biting around their tails, very funny. Many owners don’t understand why dogs bite their tails? The specific reasons are as follows.

    According to statistics, the main reasons why dogs like to bite their tails are: dogs take biting their tails as a pleasure; If there are scabs, wounds, dandruff and hair loss on the dog’s tail, the dog will bite its own tail, presumably because it is itchy. If there are insects or other things on the dog, it will also cause it to bite its own tail. Another reason is that the dog needs to squeeze the anal gland. These are the categories we made by counting the reasons why dogs like to bite their tails in the city.

    For a dog to bite its tail, as a master, you should never neglect it. If you don’t manage it, it will develop the habit of biting its tail and treat it as a pleasure. When a dog bites his tail, the owner should find a toy for the dog to finish, or play with him to make him forget about biting his tail, and slowly change his habit of biting his tail. If the dog is bored to bite its tail, the owner should take the dog out to play. The owner should also check the dog frequently for any disease or skin disease, and solve it in time.

    Suggestions: The owner of the dog must find out the dog’s bad habits in time to avoid bad habits. You can’t stop a dog from biting his tail for fun. It’s common for small movements to cause big problems.

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