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    Some dogs like to dig the earth after defecation. They make their paws dirty and dig the mud to make their faces gray. Some owners think that kicking the earth after POOP is burying their own poop, which is actually wrong. If the dog really wants to bury something, he will dig a hole and then push the earth with his nose to cover it.

    The reason why dogs do this is because of their natural habits. The purpose is to mark with smell and show their sphere of influence in this way. This is very similar to the dog’s use of urination to occupy the territory. Urinating around can cover the taste left by other dogs. The poop of the dog has the same function, which can prove that it came to this place.

    And when a dog has finished urinating or defecating and then kicking the soil, it can enlarge the range of things with its smell. And because there are sweat glands on the paw of the dog, especially when it is sweating and kicking the soil after exercise, it can leave the sweat smell in the soil, so that other dogs can know that it is the smell left by it, indicating that this is its territory. That is to say, the action of kicking the earth can strengthen the dog’s smell, enlarge the range of smell and emphasize its existence. Let’s talk about other ways dogs can make their own smells everywhere, even though they don’t exist for our human noses. You should have seen that dogs often shake their bodies. Some people think that dogs love to be clean and shake off the dust on their hair. In fact, dogs are using the shaken hair and dandruff to leave a taste, so as to show their existence. Other dogs like to lie on the grass or roll, which is also a way to leave their own taste for other dogs to smell. For us, it’s actually a troublesome thing for dogs to kick the soil after defecation, because the soil scratched by the front paw will be lifted onto the back paw, and there will be a lot of soil in the paw seam, making the paw dirtier. So we can stop it properly, but it’s impossible to fundamentally change the habit of dogs.

    Finally, it is reminded that the owner of the dog that he should often cut the hair in his paw to make it easier to leave the smell when he kicks the soil. If the hair in the paw is too long, it is not only inconvenient for the dog to kick the soil, but also easy to tangle with the hair to increase the difficulty of cleaning.

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