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    Many owners will find in their daily life that dogs seem to have a special love for their noses. They will stretch out their long tongue to lick their noses after a while. We all know that licking the nose is a normal behavior for dogs, so what’s the real reason behind it?

    For more information. If you look closely at dogs’ noses, you will find that their noses are not completely dry, but a little wet. For dogs, olfaction is more important than vision. Identifying the owner, checking whether their chassis has been invaded, looking for prey and other behaviors depend on their sensitive olfaction. In order to collect more information, dogs should try their best to let the odor particles in the air adsorb on the nasal mucosa. If the nasal mucosa is moist, these tiny particles can be easily adsorbed on it. Once the nose tends to dry, the dog will lick it to keep it moist. But dogs don’t lick their noses when they sleep, so their noses will be dry, but as long as they open their eyes, they will immediately lick their noses. If you find that your dog’s nose is dry when he is not sleeping, you need to find out the cause as soon as possible, because many dogs will have dry nose symptoms when they are ill.

    Some animal behaviorists say that dogs licking their noses can make them happier. However, this claim has not been recognized by all scientists, so whether dogs will be happy because of licking their nose may only be known by them.

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