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    In fact, calcium is the main component in dogs. It is one of the necessary major mineral elements in nutrition.

    More than 99% of calcium in the dog body exists in the skeleton, the rest in the blood, lymph and soft tissue. In the body of puppies, calcium is the main raw material for bone formation. When the concentration of calcium ion in blood is higher than the normal level, it can inhibit the excitability of nerves and muscles; on the contrary, it can enhance the excitability of nerves and muscles. Calcium is also necessary for the coagulation of blood. With the participation of calcium, it can promote prothrombin to thrombin. Both the lack and excess of calcium in dogs can cause serious consequences. The main symptoms of the disease were difficult walking, rigid gait, short stride and lameness.

    Lameness can be seen in one or several limbs, or in the form of displacement. In young dogs, the osteopathy is characterized by rickets, soft and non ossified tissue forming at the bone end and becoming bulky, and bending and deformation of the spine and sternum. In adult dogs, cartilage disease occurs, bone becomes sparse, bone wall becomes thin and fracture is easy to occur. When calcium supply is excessive, fat digestibility will decrease. Excessive calcium will also disturb metabolism of phosphorus, manganese, iron, magnesium, iodine and other elements in dogs.

    In general, legume feed contains more calcium, other than animal calcium, less calcium. Stone powder, bone powder and Beck powder are often used as supplements of calcium in compound feed.

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