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    Usually sees some strange actions, such as scratching ears, rolling and rubbing buttocks. Maybe after seeing these movements, we don’t pay much attention to them, and think they have no effect on them. But we need to know that dogs do these actions for no reason, so what these actions show and why dogs rub their buttocks. The reason why a dog rubs his or her buttocks may be that there is something wrong with his or her buttocks.

    When finding that a dog has a behavior of rubbing his or her buttocks, parents may as well gently hold up the dog’s tail to see if there are any other abnormal conditions such as redness and swelling near his or her anus. Because sometimes because of diet, gastrointestinal problems may also lead to constipation, or endless discharge, which can easily lead to anal inflammation. Dogs like to rub their buttocks may also be caused by anal gland disease. The last part of the rectum is the anal gland. When dogs defecate, the anal gland secretes special substances, which play a role of lubricant. Sometimes, it may be bacterial infection, or some other cause, inflammation of the anal glands. Dogs in this situation will feel itchy anus, and in order to alleviate this discomfort, dogs like to rub their buttocks.

    Finally, there may be parasites in the body, such as Ascaris, tapeworms and so on, which will also make them rub their buttocks. After discovering that dogs like to rub their butts, they can check their faeces first, and must be repelled in time. Generally, after removing parasites from their bodies, the behavior of dogs will be improved gradually.

    These are the reasons why dogs rub their butts. There is no reason why dogs do some actions. Therefore, we should pay more attention to these actions at ordinary times and solve any problems in time.

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