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    If dogs seldom go out and walk, they will take their own claws to scratch their corner of the table or the wall, which seems to be catharsis. Why do dogs use their claws to scratch the wall? Are they really doing this to vent their dissatisfaction, or are there other reasons?

    They do it just to polish their nails. Any dog’s nails will keep growing if they are not manicured regularly. Toenails can be said to be their weapons, but too long toenails can also affect the normal life of dogs. Therefore, dogs will find a way to grind their own claws and keep their toenails at a reasonable length. The way to grind their claws is to scratch the floor or the wall.

    Not only in order not to let them scratch the wall and cause damage, but also for their health and safety, we should regularly trim their nails. In addition to claw grinding, the dog scratched the wall for another reason, which is to leave its own smell in a wider area and mark its own territory. This is the nature of the dog’s enclosure behavior, so in order to prevent them from scratching the wall and causing damage, it is necessary to polish their nails, or take them out and walk more, and they will naturally wear their nails in the process of walking. Therefore, we usually need to clean the dog’s nails on a regular basis, which is very helpful for both the protection of our family items and the dog’s own health problems.

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