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    We often see two dogs sniffing each other’s buttocks. Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell. By smelling the butt, we can quickly collect the identity information of each other, such as gender, emotional state, food eaten, etc. If they like the taste, the two dogs will become good friends and can play happily together. Sniffing each other’s butt is a normal social pattern for dogs. Parents should not force the dogs away. They also need to communicate with their peers.
    In fact, it’s a kind of social behavior for dogs to smell each other’s buttocks. It’s not the kind of dirty hobby that people imagine. Because the information that dogs can collect and express about their noses and buttocks is huge, the answer is more complicated!

    The olfactory system of dogs is very abnormal. Compared with our human olfactory system, they don’t know how many times more sensitive, so they can often get a lot of information with their nose! Some of the smells we humans can’t smell or distinguish, dogs can easily distinguish! So when a dog encounters a strange dog, it usually gets relevant information through smell!
    In addition, the dog’s sense of smell will have a corresponding auxiliary system. The name of this auxiliary organ is the hoe nose device. The specific function is to help the dog better capture information through smell! So usually dogs can smell a lot of information about diet, mood, gender and so on! In addition, this organ can store smell information, which is why dogs can remember smell!
    In the animal world, many behaviors are expressed by their own smell, which is usually marked by defecation! So the dog’s anal gland odor contains a lot of information, which can release the dog’s diet, gender and even mood information at this time! Just like the ID card of human beings, dogs can roughly understand each other’s information just by smelling each other! So to sum up, when dogs meet and smell their butts, it’s actually a kind of social behavior similar to the introduction of human handshake, so if you go out and see your dogs smell their butts, don’t be disgusted!

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