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    Many people in Labrador dogs are bothered by the dog’s grudging oestrus. They will take the dog to have a sterilization operation. After the operation, they will find that the dog is getting fatter and fatter. In the long run, it is not good for the dog’s health. Therefore, to control the dog’s weight, we should first understand why the dog is getting fatter! There are about three reasons for weight gain:

    1. The dog owner’s compensation heart. Because the owner feels guilty about ligation, so he has to respond to his pet’s needs, even buy many snacks as “supplements”, and finally the pet’s weight keeps rising.

    2. When the amount of exercise becomes less. After the pet is ligated, it is less enthusiastic about the maintenance of the site, and it is not as diligent in patrolling its site as before. In contrast, the amount of exercise will be reduced a lot, so if the diet is not properly controlled, it is inevitable to lose shape.

    3. The sleep time is longer. Because pets are not as active as before. If the owner is too busy and does not take the pet for a walk or exercise, the animals have increased a lot of sleep time. If the cycle of “eat, sleep and eat” continues, it will be difficult for the pet to be fat after ligation!

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