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    Pay attention to whether the grass has been treated with pesticides. Sometimes when taking our poodle out for a walk, we may see that they will nibble on the grass on the side of the road. Some owners will let dogs behave like this, while others will immediately pull the dogs away. So why do poodles eat grass? Will such behavior affect their health?
    In fact, we will find that not every time we go out the dog will go to eat grass on the side of the road, indicating that the dog does not like to eat grass. Generally, dogs will eat grass because of some reasons that affect gastrointestinal digestion, and eating grass can help gastrointestinal digestion better, thus improving discomfort. In addition, dogs sometimes accidentally eat their own hair and some foreign matters into the body. After eating grass for some time, they will vomit or excrete after wrapping the hair in the stomach, so some dogs will vomit after eating grass.
    Also, it should be noted that eating grass may be a kind of heterotrophic food. If every time you go out, the poodle will eat wild grass, then you should pay attention to whether your dog is lack of trace elements. Try to feed trace element tablets for a while to see if the problem improves. In addition to the pest season, some communities will give medicine to the surrounding grass. So try not to let the dog eat the grass on the side of the road when you go out in that period of time. You can also ask if you have given the grass medicine recently to prevent the dog from eating by mistake and poisoning.

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