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    Pug is a kind of domestic pet dog. Many people like it. There are many wrinkles on its head and face. There are also some wrinkles on its body, which are similar to that of the Shar Pei dog, but the wrinkles are still less. Many friends who have had a pug will ask why it stinks?

    1. Source of odor. There is only one place that is not clean. After all, we all know that there are many wrinkles on its face. These wrinkles are a good place to hide dirt. Bacteria are easy to grow. If not cleaned regularly, the smell will be emitted. If it’s a little more serious, the dog’s skin can also get sick. In addition to the surface of the skin, their ears, mouth, as well as their butts and small claws will also give off a bad smell after being soiled outside. Once we smell the stink, we need to check these places well and then clean them up.

    2. Treatment methods. For the wrinkle odor, we only need to clean it regularly, clean the grease and some dirty things secreted by the skin, and then dry it with towel, and the odor will be eliminated. If the odor comes out of the mouth, think about how long you haven’t brushed your dog’s teeth. Generally speaking, brush your teeth every day. Then consider whether it will be inflammation of the mouth, because inflammation will also have a taste from the mouth. The dog’s ear canal should be cleaned up for the stink from the ears. As time goes on, the ears will be covered with earwax, ear mites and body odor. In addition, in the anus, the dog’s anal gland should always squeeze it. Generally, it is washed when bathing. They can go to a special pet shop to wash it. They will be more professional than us. If the time is enough, they can do it by themselves. The last thing to be considered is the skin. Many mucus from skin diseases will have a bad smell, so we need to go to the hospital for a good inspection.

    The best way to avoid the odor is to keep the dog’s hair clean, clean it regularly, and don’t leave bacteria on the dog, so that the dog will not stink.

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