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    Dogs and most of the children’s dogs are kind. Generally, they don’t take the initiative to attack others. Some dogs also like children very much. But there are also exceptions. Some dogs seem to have a natural aversion to children, and dogs bite children sometimes. In fact, many dogs like to attack children for a certain reason, not blind attack for no reason. Studies have shown that defending the territory or resources (such as food, puppies, toys, etc.) is the most common reason why dogs attack children. They have investigated from 103 dogs that 1/5 dogs have never bitten people before. 2/3 dogs have never bitten children before, so most dogs only attack children in specific situations.

    The researchers found that dogs were more likely to attack children when they felt that children (especially under 6 years old) might want to take their food or toys; when they felt that their territory was violated by children, they were more likely to attack; when they looked after their own food, they were more likely to attack the familiar children who came suddenly; when they protected their territory, they were more likely to attack children Attack strange children.

    In addition, some dogs have anxiety and irritability, which may be related to their experience of being abandoned or exposed to noisy environment. If these dogs encounter noisy, screaming babies or toddlers, they are prone to attack because of anxiety. In addition, most dogs also have bone and skin infection. Half of them also suffer from eye disease, liver, kidney and other physiological diseases. These diseases will increase with the growth of dogs, and cause more and more intense pain, and pain also leads to their anxious mood. If children scream at this time, it may cause dogs to feel more disgusted and attack them.

    So generally, dogs don’t attack their children actively, except when they feel that children will threaten them or rob them. However, before determining the character of a dog, they should not let the child get close. Parents can try to test the dog’s character and then decide to stay.

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