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    Many parents should have this feeling. When the little Border Collie was just brought back, the meat pad was soft and hot. It felt very smooth and didn’t want to let go when it was buckled. But when the border collie grew up, the meat pad gradually became rough. Some border sheepdog pads will crack. What’s the reason for the cracking? Why does the pad of border collie crack?

    There are basically two reasons for the cracking of the paw pad of Border Collies: one is the weather and climate. Second: infectious diseases (such as canine distemper). If the dry border of the border shepherd dog is dry and cracked due to the dry climate, try to use some moist lipstick to the border collie and spread it to the border shepherd to relieve the dry cracking. In addition, aloe gum and foot care oil can also be used.

    At the same time, the owner also needs to do the following two things:
    1. Reduce the number of times that Border Collies go out less and walk around, and properly maintain the feet of Border Collies.

    2. If you have to go out, you can put on comfortable shoes for the border collie, reduce the stimulation and influence of walking on the foot pad, and prevent the drying and cracking from becoming more serious. It should be noted that if the Border Collie has dry and cracked meat pad and other diseases. For example, runny nose, sneezing, dry and red nose, blurred eyes and low spirits, it is likely that the Border Collie is infected with canine distemper. The owner needs to take it to the hospital in time to determine whether it is infected with canine distemper, small and other diseases, and then receive timely treatment to ensure the health of the pet dog.

    However, most Border Collies’ meat pads are very healthy. In addition, there are no sweat glands on Border Collies. Therefore, the meat pad is also a place where Border Collies sweat. It is very important to protect it.

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