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    There are many cases that cause vomiting in Alaska. Parents often don’t know which one is serious in Alaska and which one can be adjusted by themselves. This is to find out why Alaska vomits. Why does Alaska vomit suddenly?

    1. Improper feeding management, uneven food and hunger in Alaska, and overeating lead to indigestion.

    2. The food quality is poor, the food is too cold in winter, and the food is placed too long in summer, which leads to indigestion.

    3. The dishware used is not clean, long-term use is not disinfected and so on.

    If Alaska has dyspepsia, how to deal with it? General symptoms of dyspepsia in Alaska: there will be diarrhea or constipation and other symptoms in Alaska. Or vomiting occurs in Alaska. The vomit is foam like mucus and gastric juice. According to the nature of the disease, vomit is mixed with blood, bile and mucous membrane fragments.

    Step 1: fast Alaska for one day, and then give soup, porridge or gudengyang milk powder and other easily digestible liquid food.

    Step 2: give Alaska some medicine for stomach and digestion, such as probiotics, to regulate the balance of intestinal flora in Alaska.

    Step 3: in case of severe dehydration in Alaska, sugar salt water, physiological salt water and other drugs can be imported in time. The owner should pay more attention. If necessary, we must send Alaska to the pet hospital for treatment immediately. Do not delay the treatment time in Alaska.

    Finally, the food parents give Alaska is to process cooked food. The variety should be diversified, not single, thick and thin, so as to ensure that the dog has enough nutrition.

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