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    Chihuahua is a very popular dog. When they vomit, their owners will be worried about their small body. In order to solve the vomiting problem of Chihuahua more quickly, the owner should first know what are the causes of the vomiting of Chihuahua?

    1. Disease. Many dog owners will immediately doubt whether the dog is sick after finding that Chihuahua has vomited. Indeed, diseases such as gastroenteritis, canine distemper and so on will make dogs show vomiting symptoms. In general, dogs suffering from the above diseases may also have temperature rise, diarrhea, low spirits and so on. In addition, Chihuahua’s vomiting may be caused by a cold or cold. The owner should take precautions when raising them. If the dog vomits because of illness, the owner must send them to the pet hospital in time for treatment. Do not delay the best time for treatment because of carelessness.

    2. Maintenance problem. Some owners will have unlimited supply if the dog likes to eat certain food, but the Chihuahua itself is small. If the dog eats too much at one time, it is likely that the dog will vomit because of the pressure of the stomach unable to load too much food. In fact, too much food for Chihuahua may not only cause them to vomit, but also cause dogs to become “fat” and some diseases.

    Therefore, the owner had better let the dog develop good eating habits. Dogs may also vomit if they eat toxic or spoiled food. In order to avoid this situation, the owner should not only do a good job in selecting food for the dog, but also do a good job in preventing the dog from touching some objects that should not be touched.

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