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    Have dog parents ever noticed that dogs often scratch their faces with their paws and feel shy? In fact, it’s because the skin on the dog’s face is not completely clean, which provides opportunities for the development of mites. It’s easy to bathe your dog, but it’s difficult to wash your dog’s face. It’s difficult to wash your dog’s face with shampoo.

    That is to say, the mites on your dog’s face have more opportunities to breed than the mites on your body. There is also a place that is most easily ignored, the place where the eyebrows are located above the eyes of dogs: this may be the place where mites are most hidden, and the place where fungi are hidden, because it is humid and warm, and also the place where we are most easily ignored for cleaning and medication.

    Take a closer look at the features of the frequently scratched parts of the dog? These parts may be like this: on the top of the upper eyelid of the dog, there are small bags on the skin, probably protruding hair follicles, the color is no different from the inflamed skin. There may also be dark brown mite feces or dandruff.

    What should we do for the dog’s frequent scratching? Carefully observe the dog’s scratching place. If we find the skin abnormality mentioned above, if it doesn’t look too serious, we can treat it by ourselves first, and smear it with the special dermatitis ointment for the dog for a few days. But be careful because the eyebrows are very close to the dog’s eyes, so when applying the medicine, you should try not to put the ointment into the eyes. If it doesn’t get better after a few days, it’s better to take the dog to the hospital and ask the doctor to deal with it. When you arrive at the hospital, the doctor can take a small amount of skin for test to confirm whether it is mite or fungus, and then the doctor will prescribe more appropriate medication for you.

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