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    Vomiting is one of the most common and nonspecific symptoms that a dog can have.

    There are several causes of Vomiting:

    1. Most commonly cause is overeating. Animals that gulp their food and immediately exercise (especially puppies) are likely to vomit which is not serious. If the vomit looks like a solid tube of partially or non digested food, your dog ate too fast.

    2. Eating grass or other indigestible material is also a common cause of vomiting.

    3. Exercise Excessively: If your dogs exercises too much when you take them out to play, they will also be likely to vomit. This is not serious and don’t worry.

    4. If your dog has Gastroenteritis, Parvovirus and other diseases, it will also vomit. And when they have these kinds of diseases, early treatment is the best. So it is the most correct way for you to send your dog to the hospital in time.


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