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    We all say that the guide dog is like the eyes of the blind, and the well-trained guide dog has brought great convenience to the blind people’s life. In fact, many kinds of dogs can be trained as guide dogs. Golden Retriever is one of the most common dogs. Why can golden retriever be selected as guide dog?

    To be a qualified guide dog, dogs need to accept all-round tests, such as the guide dog must be easy to train, the guide dog must have strong anti-interference ability, the guide dog must be loyal to the owner, the guide dog must be convenient for the owner to pull and so on, and the golden retriever can meet these conditions.

    First of all, golden retrievers are very intelligent, and their obedience is high. In a dog intelligence rating table, we can see that golden retrievers are in the fourth place, so they are easy to train. Secondly, golden retrievers with mild personality have strong anti-interference ability and are loyal to their owners, which adds chips for them to choose to be guide dogs. Thirdly, golden retrievers with moderate size Dogs are very convenient for the owner to lead, friendly and they also love work, which makes people more willing to give them the work of blind guide.

    Of course, in addition to golden retrievers, some other breeds of dogs are also very suitable for guide dogs, such as our common Labrador and German shepherd dogs. They have some of the same characteristics as golden retrievers, such as they are very intelligent (in the above-mentioned IQ ranking table, we can see that Labrador and German Shepherd Dogs rank very high). They are as loyal to their owners as golden retrievers; they are also very easy to pull, etc.

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