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    Husky is a popular pet dog nowadays. With their rich and funny expressions, they have won the hearts of many dog lovers. However, it’s not very recommended for the first-time dog owners. One of the main reasons is that Husky’s stomach and intestines are fragile, so he needs to pay attention to his diet. If there is a deviation in diet, it will easily lead to vomiting, laxity and other conditions. So why Husky’s intestines are so delicate is actually related to their previous living environment. We all know that husky is one of the three sled dogs.

    They used to live in the ice and snow, so in order to keep their body heat, they usually eat meat to make sure their body produces enough heat to resist the cold. But now Husky’s living environment is very different from before, so the function of his body has changed a lot. Nowadays, in order to satisfy their dogs, the owners often feed their dogs with various kinds of food that they think is good for the dogs. Once the food that husky eats is too messy, it will cause their gut discomfort, and thus various problems. This is a very bad behavior for puppies.

    Be sure to pay attention to Husky’s diet. If Husky’s intestines are not comfortable and he vomits and thins, it is likely to cause his physical condition to decline. At this time, once he is attacked by the outside world, it is very easy to have various problems, small is a very common problem. Because Husky’s gut is fragile, many owners will blame the poor gut for the diarrhea. However, it is likely that it is due to the slight thinning, so we should distinguish these two problems. It’s very simple to distinguish which situation is caused by.

    In addition to thinness, smallness will be accompanied by poor appetite and unwillingness to walk. Moreover, thinness caused by smallness will also send out a special smell. Therefore, the owner can make a preliminary judgment by grasping these points. Of course, if he wants to make a complete determination, he should go to the hospital for an infectious disease test, Then the corresponding treatment was carried out. The reason why Husky’s intestines are fragile is closely related to the random feeding of the breeder. It is necessary to pay special attention to the diet and care of the dog in its infancy, so as to prevent the dog from being harmed by the virus because it does not lead to physical decline.

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