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    Why is it difficult for your dog to make friends? Dogs should have their own social circle, but nowadays dogs are generally difficult to make friends. Is it because they are too long at home to know their friends, or because of the personality problems caused by “house”? Maybe these are only a small part of the reasons. The main reason is that the owner didn’t give the dog proper social training.

    Dog socialization refers to the process in which dogs do not have fear of living environment, people, things and other animals. At the age of 3-16 weeks, if the owner is trained properly, the dog will develop a healthy and stable “dog case”. Making friends naturally will not be a problem. And if your dog has a problem making friends, try the following.

    1. Starting from people. Because dogs may contact people for a longer time, you can let dogs learn to contact people first. When there is a stranger in the family, you can take the dog to meet the stranger and interact with the stranger. When the dog is used to contact with the stranger, his character will gradually open up. You need to be reminded that this training will take a long time. Do not let dogs face strangers constantly because they are eager for success. Dogs also have emotions and they will be impatient.

    2. Go out often. When the dog has been able to interact well with people, you should take him out often. Some owners are used to carrying their dogs out of the house, and only put them down when they need to go to the toilet, which is extremely harmful to the growth of dogs. Because the contact between dogs and their peers is a very important part of their social life. If they go out with dogs for a long time, they will have less opportunities to communicate and learn with their peers, and the possibility of social barriers will be greater. When the dog is first in contact with the same kind of dog, the owner should not be too far away from the dog. In case of any dangerous situation, you should immediately pull the dog back.

    3. Make friends with “big brother”. Dogs are very important animals. If your dog can play well with the “leading big brother”, other dogs will not only dare not bully him, but also make friends with him.

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