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    The nose of dogs has a very sensitive sense of smell. It can smell and distinguish different kinds of smells. The reason is that the nose structure of dogs is much more complex than that of ordinary animals. In higher animals, the nose is regarded as a respiratory and olfactory organ, so there are folds in the nasal cavity, and there is a layer of mucous membrane on the folds. Through many olfactory cells on these mucous membranes, we can distinguish various smells. In this layer of mucous membrane, some mucus is often secreted to moisten these olfactory cells, so that the cells can more sensitively transfer various odors from the olfactory nerve to the brain. The dog’s olfactory organ also has mucous membrane, but the structure of the dog’s nose is slightly different.

    On the tip surface of the dog’s nose, that is, the tip of the nose, there is a piece of glabrous mucous membrane. It also secretes mucus to keep the olfactory cells in good condition. There are many protuberant objects on it, which is its main olfactory organ. So sometimes when you accidentally touch the dog’s nose, you will feel wet and sticky, which is caused by the mucus secreted.

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