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    Many people think that dogs are free to have children. Why should we neuter dogs to deprive them of their rights. Of course, these ideas are understandable, but why do you want to neuter your dog? If you don’t, what harm will it do to your dog? This also needs us to consider. Everything has two sides. Although neutering makes dogs infertile, it also brings them many benefits.

    1. Let the temperament be gentle after neutering: for dogs in estrus, their temperament will be grumpy, and they will often fight with other dogs because of their mate, resulting in bruises, and the frequency of barking will increase significantly. But after neutering, they will become much more docile, mainly because they will not have much demand after their thoughts are broken, so they will be relatively calm.

    2. Avoid unwanted childbearing: if you don’t watch them or lose them, this is likely to happen. If it’s a younger dog, it’s so good. If it’s an older dog pregnant, it’s likely to endanger their lives. After neutering, it can avoid this worry.

    3. Prevention of a variety of diseases: with the growth of age, more and more problems will emerge for dogs without neutering, especially for female dogs. In the un neutering female dogs, pyometra, endometritis, breast tumor and ovarian cyst are all their high incidence, and none of them are serious diseases. Neutering can significantly reduce the incidence of these diseases. The above is the reason why we need to neuter our dogs. It’s the benefits of neutering to stabilize our character, avoid unwanted pregnancy, prevent diseases, and prevent noise. So it’s up to us to decide whether to neuter or not.

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