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    As long as every owner likes his pet, he will want to share his favorite food with his pet. Can we feed sugar to husky? Following will show you the reason why we don’t let husky eat sugar!

    Husky’s digestive system has its own special place with other animals, blind favor and unscientific feeding are very dangerous. Here is a simple understanding of the dog’s digestive system in a special place. The digestive system of dogs can’t secrete and decompose disaccharide (such as sucrose), so it can’t decompose and absorb sucrose; once eating a large amount of sucrose or fructose, a hypertonic environment will be formed in the digestive tract, so that a large number of body fluids enter the intestinal cavity, resulting in diarrhea. And once diarrhea occurs, the body dehydrates quickly and the resistance decreases. The intestinal flora, pathogens and viruses often enter in vain at this time and propagate rapidly in large numbers, leading to the occurrence of gastroenteritis. At this time, many bacteria and viruses that lead to canine infectious diseases are also prone to rampant, resulting in the occurrence of canine infectious diseases.
    Therefore, it’s not surprising that a small mistake leads to a big problem! So the owners of all the dogs must pay more attention and don’t give Husky any sugar!

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