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    Friends who have had dogs must have heard that puppies need to be soaked in dog food, but many people still don’t know why they must be soaked in dog food. In fact, the dog food that has not been soaked may be a fatal poison for puppies, which is not alarmist.
    Puppies are often fed with a seemingly small amount of dry dog food by many owners, who find that they are always hungry. However, the dry dog food needs to expand. The dog food being eaten is beginning to fully absorb water and digestive fluid in the stomach of the dog. Before long, the dog’s stomach begins to swell gradually, and even the blood vessels and tendons on it appear. At this time, the dog is still sleeping naked. Veterinarians found that nearly all dog pups who came to see a doctor for diarrhea were fed dry feed. Dry dog food is equivalent to the properties of compressed biscuits. It will expand after encountering water, and its volume is three times of that of dry feed.
    Dogs often chew roughly and swallow, so that food is completely digested by gastric juice, while the digestive glands of puppies are not fully developed, especially shortly after weaning, plus puppies have no degree of assurance about the degree of food satiety. For puppies, most of the dog food needs to be soaked in dog food to be beneficial to the health of puppies. For puppies, it is also easy to digest!

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