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    When we put the bowl of dog food in front of and behind the dog’s face, what they do first is not to start eating directly, but to overturn the bowl and then eat the food spilled on the ground. So why don’t some dogs like the food in the bowl?
    This has something to do with their nature and the texture of the bowl. First of all, some dogs don’t like eating in the bowl, which may be related to the material of the bowl. Dogs have a very good sense of hearing and smell, and are very sensitive to the metal friction sound. So if we use a metal bowl, it will inevitably cause friction between the bowl and the ground. That’s why dogs can knock food on the ground and eat it again. In this case, we only need to replace the bowl with wooden one. If this problem still occurs after changing the bowl for the dog, then other possibilities need to be considered.
    Dog’s own nature can also lead to this behavior. Dog’s ancestors usually eat in the wild, and they are social animals, so they have a strong hierarchy. When a dog catches its prey, it will always let its leader eat first. And some dogs with lower grades can only eat after other dogs have eaten. Or try to drag part of the food aside to eat. Although today’s dogs no longer need to worry about food, the remaining habits have not changed. When they feel that their place of eating is not safe or too noisy, they will drag the food out of their jobs and then find a relatively quiet place to eat.
    However, due to the lower particle size of dog food, it is not easy to transfer, so they will eat in situ after overturning the bowl. So when we feed our dogs, we try to keep the feeding place relatively quiet. It is also important to make sure that the bowl is clean. If the bowl is too dirty, it will cause the dog not to eat or even not to eat in the bowl.

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