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    Many owners don’t put traction rope on their dogs when they walk them. On the one hand, they have enough confidence in themselves that as long as they call, the dogs will come back; on the other hand, they are very confident in the dogs. They think their dogs are well-trained, won’t hurt others, and won’t be tempted easily. However, the owners’ self-confidence does not seem to guarantee the safety of dogs and people. Dogs are injured by accident and pedestrians are injured by accident due to dogs not wearing traction ropes.

    In fact, even if the dogs listen to you and are well-trained, they may suddenly change in some special circumstances. For example, if the dogs are suddenly frightened by the loud noise, they may run out of control and be hit by the driving car. If the dog has a leash, the situation will be very different. Because of the limitation of the leash, the owner can pull the dog in time to avoid the dog being hurt. In fact, putting a leash on a dog doesn’t just prevent dogs and pedestrians from getting hurt. When walking dogs, many owners should have encountered such situations. Dogs are interested in garbage dumps or unclean things on the road. Some dogs even swallow these things directly into their mouths, which is very harmful to their health. If you don’t wear a leash, it’s possible that when the owner comes to the dog, they have swallowed something they shouldn’t have, and the owner can’t regret it.

    However, if the dog is wearing a leash, the owner can correct the dog’s behavior in time when he finds that the dog has a tendency to eat dirt on the ground. In addition, if the dog does not wear a leash, they may run out of the owner’s sight, and some dogs will be taken away by strangers. Therefore, for the sake of the dog’s health, the owner must put a leash on them.

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