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    When we feed dogs dog food, we don’t know whether it’s dry or soaked. In fact, it’s very important to see the age and size of the dog. It’s better for young dogs (before 1 year old) to eat soaked food, because the digestive system of young dogs is not fully developed, it’s easy to suffer from gastroenteritis and other diseases, as well as to prevent small dogs from eating dog food Wait often not how to chew, often drink water after eating, so that it is easy to belly, if not careful cold, it is easy to die. Pay special attention to this. So it’s better to eat soaked dog food. Another situation is that small dogs are better to eat soaked dog food, such as Chihuahua and other small dogs. Dogs can gradually eat dry dog food when they are over one year old. Remember to step by step. How to make dog food scientifically. High sugar and high fat food can easily make dogs fat and induce a series of diseases; excessive salt will inevitably increase the burden of kidney excretion, affect kidney health, break the balance of body fluids, and cause various skin diseases.

    1. The water temperature is about 40-70 degC, but the water must be the warm water that is boiled in advance and then cooled (to avoid the loss of nutrients in dog food caused by boiling water, and hot water is easy to burn the dog).

    2. The amount of water depends on the dog food just can absorb, so that the dog food just can absorb all the water after being soaked, so that you don’t need to pour out the excess water and lose part of the nutrition.

    3. Time. Until the dog food is released (soft); the solubility of each dog food is different, so the soaking time will be different. Usually about 60 degC warm water, 20 minutes will be OK, at this time the water temperature is about 30 degC, just enough to test feeding.

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