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    In the cold winter, people will try to keep warm. People can turn on the air conditioner, the heating and the thick down jacket to resist the cold. What should dogs do? How to keep out the cold in the cold winter? For a large dog like St. Bernard, how can you care for it better and warmer in winter?

    St. Bernard should belong to the relatively cold resistant pet dog, large size, body full of thick hair. But in the cold winter, parents should still take measures to prevent the dog from getting sick and cold. In winter, parents should also insist on taking the St. Bernard dog for a walk outdoors, and take it outdoors for physical exercise when the weather is comfortable.

    Don’t keep the dog in the house for a long time. When it’s warm in the morning and afternoon, you can go out for a walk and exercise. At home, you need a large, warm and soft sleeping mat for Saint Bernard. Put the dog kennel in a warm place, and pay attention not to put the dog kennel outdoors or in the air vent, so it is easy for the dog to get cold and sick. In winter, you should comb your hair every day for the St. Bernard. Of course, the bath cycle can be extended appropriately. According to the actual situation of the dog, you can take a bath every 2-3 weeks. In terms of diet, don’t feed some raw, cold and frozen food. In winter, those raw meat, frozen shrimp and other food should be eliminated.

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