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    Due to the low temperature in winter, in order to prevent dogs from catching cold, we should try our best to let them go out and walk, and pay more attention to dogs without full vaccination. Otherwise, if there is a cold at this time, it will easily turn into a more serious infectious disease. Therefore, the winter management of puppies must be done well.

    1. The temperature of the kennel in winter should be kept between 13-15 degC. The door of the dog house can be hung with grass, and the window can be sealed with plastic cloth. The shed of the puppies can also be kept warm by imitating the plastic shed method, and all gaps in the wall should be blocked to prevent the invasion of the thief wind. If possible, it can be illuminated by infrared light. Fire walls shall be built between the walls. Generally, dog beds shall be equipped with thick cushion materials, which shall be frequently changed and dried. When it’s sunny and warm, let the dog bask in the sun more, strengthen the sports, strengthen the physique and improve the disease resistance.

    2. Food attention: some owners think that they should drink warm water for dogs in winter. In fact, they don’t have to. They just need to use ordinary water for them. In winter, we should pay more attention to the freshness of food. Many owners tend to ignore this problem in this season. Before feeding, we can heat the food, which can not only prevent the stomach from being damaged due to excessive food, but also remove the bacteria on the surface of the food.

    3. Exercise. Although we should try to take our dogs out as little as possible, daily exercise is essential. If we just let dogs eat and sleep alternately, it is easy to cause the problem of dog obesity, so we still need to pick out a little time to take them to exercise and enhance their physique.

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